Species and Environment

Environmental awareness

Log Marketing New Zealand Ltd is a certified member of the international organisation Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®). Membership of the FSC® demonstrates the company's commitment to improved operational management in relation to industry best practice guidelines; increased accountability and transparency in relation to environmental compliance and increased environmental performance. 


Species we are currently buying and selling


Always buying:

  • All plantation and woodlot grown radiata pine, 25 years and older
  • Douglas fir (oregon) thinnings 25 years plus, or clear felling 30 years plus.

 Occasionally buying:

  • Radiata pine shelterbelt trees, macrocarpa shelterbelt and plantation trees
  • Plantation or woodlot grown "eucalyptus” and "lawson cypress” trees
  • Plantation or woodlot grown eucalyptus and lawson cypress trees.

 Always selling:

  • Radiata pine sawlogs (pruned and unpruned), chiplogs and small quantities of export pine logs.

 Occasionally selling:

  • Douglas fir (oregon), eucalyptus and lawson cypress logs.