Harvesting and Marketing

We specialise in:

  • arranging tree harvesting and log transportation

    Selecting the correct harvesting method and equipment is crucial. With the aid of topographical maps and aerial photography, Log Marketing engineers the harvesting to maximise production and minimise costs and environmental damage

  • procurement of logs for local processing plants and exporting customers
  • purchasing woodlot and plantation trees from growers or providing a brokerage service for the harvesting and sale of a grower’s tree crop.

How it works:

We undertake forest inventories for tender evaluation and the calculation of stumpages on forest blocks. The wood is purchased not only from the tender system, but from the private farm forester as well.

We then undertake marketing the produce into the various log markets, depending on the individual requirements of each client. Often clients join forces with Log Marketing in joint venture pricing arrangements prior to submission of the tender. This gives the log purchaser more comfort in terms of fixing log prices and volumes.

Log Marketing has a philosophy of servicing and encouraging local domestic markets over export markets.