Other Services

Range of experience

Log Marketing is experienced in engineering sites for most harvesting methods, including conventional ground methods, mechanical harvesters, cable haulers and log forwarder extraction in both clear cut and thinning operations.

Log harvest planning services include:

  • Road and harvest layout construction
    This involves the management and oversight of road construction for log transportation, and the layout and construction of sites for wood extraction to suit the selected harvesting method.
  • Forest roading
    Log Marketing can plan and locate forest roads to best suit the type of harvesting to be used. Correct placement and design of roads is essential to minimise roading and harvesting costs.

Our other services include:

  • providing a competitive tendering process for the tree grower who wishes to sell on the open market (refer to sale options)
  • commercially valuing tree crops
  • measuring trees for volume and predicted log grade outturn
  • forward plan harvesting, which complies with any local government and environmental requirements.