Our People

Greg Lindsay

Greg's forest industry career commenced in 1981 and he has spent more than 25 years in the industry since. He achieved the New Zealand Certificate in Forestry (NZCF) in 1985 and has been employed in the following roles:

  • Forest Trainee Instructor – New Zealand Forest Service, Ashley Forest, Canterbury – one year
  • Forest Supervisor – New Zealand Timberlands - Tokomaru Bay Forest, East Coast – two years
  • Forest Supervisor/Manager – Southwood Export Limited, Southland – 17 years 

In 2006 Greg moved out of the forest industry to take up the position of Parks Operation Manager for the Invercargill City Council, a position he held for four years before returning to the forest industry with Log Marketing New Zealand, in January 2011, was appointed company manager in 2015.


Paul Brown (Brownie)

Paul began his forestry career with the New Zealand Forest Service in the early 1980s, specialising in forest mensuration in both native and exotic plantation forests. Paul has highly developed skills in forest inventory systems particularly MARVL and is a certified log scaler.

As a founding staff member of Log Marketing New Zealand Paul has considerable experience in the commercial activities of Log Marketing, including the purchase of woodlots and plantations and the sale of logs to a number of customers. 





Russell Blair

Russell has had an extensive career in the forestry industry, beginning with the NZ Forest Service, where he was involved in both forestry establishment/silviculture and harvesting roles within Southland and Otago Forests. In  1998 he was appointed Log Productions Co-ordinator with Rayonier NZ Ltd. Following this role he was involved in setting up Blair Read Ltd, a harvest management company where he was a company director.

More recently Russell has been the Harvest Manager for Craigpine Timber Ltd, a role he has held since 2012.

Russell has extensive harvesting  experience and knowledge and joined Log Marketing NZ Ltd commencing in June 2016.



Phil Young

Phil’s  forest industry career commenced in 1970’s where he attained Woodsman  Certificate based at Berwick Forest, following this he had extensive experience in both forestry and harvesting fields with NZ Forest Service while based in both Otago & Southland. Held the position of  Harvesting Operations Manager with Wenita Forest Products from 1994 -2002. Phil has had a lot of experience in both cable harvesting and roading engineering during his forestry career.

In 2003 Phil took the opportunity to move into a professional rugby career where he was involved in coaching roles with the Highlanders, Otago and Southland rugby teams. More recently was Otago ITM Assistant Coach and Otago High Performance Coach.

Phil has now recently been employed with Log Marketing NZ Ltd, in Log Procurement Management role being based in Otago commencing in June 2016.



Cameron Moir


Annette Watkinson

Annette is our company administration officer. She is responsible for the operation of the company’s PSLOG log sales accounting system.